Consciousness Systems: Revealing the Wisdom God gave your Body…

Your quality of Life comes from how clearly/quickly You perceive & express your Spirit’s 23 organ/gland Life-force Ways of regeneration, VS re-acting your organ/gland degenerative dragon ways of survival!

Personal Consciousness determines the path to be taken…

Each O/G Spirit Life-force energy system has a unique emotional purpose, mental plan, physical function, and behavioral issue – with triggered trauma memory blocking expression of organ/gland Spirit Life-force focused on creating Gods regenerative sustainable solution!

The organ/gland regenerative Ways reveal God’s original scriptures of Spirit Ways, and the degenerative ways of drag verified by my 30+ years of tracking/decoding clients’ Life-force energy flow patterns.

Hi! I am Dr. Dean Allen, the owner and creator of Consciousness Systems and the contents of this website, created through an evolving process following the completion of my PhD in clinical psychology in 1982.

My original dissertation research goal was to reveal a measurable scientific connection between a person’s mind and their body, which seemed simpler than it turned out to be after further clarifying study.

My doctoral dissertation research was entitled “Autonomic Nervous System Control as a Function of Imagery” using biofeedback as the measuring tool, which revealed how different people are in their ability to perceive and control their own autonomic nervous system.

This began my journey into understanding what God had in mind when He/She created the human body as a composite of 23 organ/gland energy systems? Each has their own purpose, plan, function, issue, and trauma memory blocks to clearly perceiving/expressing their function!

All of this was made much more clear to me beginning in 1987 when I became aware of an Infrared Science we call “The BodyTalker” – which ALLOWS YOUR BODY TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT YOUR LIFE in terms of which organ/gland energy circuits or ‘feelings’, are blocked from being perceived’ and expressed in your Life! This drag prevents regeneration!

This science clarifies your Spirit vehicle (a body of 23 O/G powers) while in 3-D life with the ability to connect the dots in your life for a clearer picture of Who You are energetically with the ability to perceive and express organ/gland emotional functions.

Emotional functions are designed to regenerate your Spirit Life-force -BUT this only happens IF You feel the emotion and act on it quickly!

What this science revealed from my individual clients – was specific blocked organ/gland emotional functions by triggered and projected unconscious trauma memory – blocking their Life-force energy flow!

These blocks create a drag on your organ/gland Life-force energy flow and your ability to perceive and express their emotional functions!

Over time these blocks manifests into defensive thinking patterns that program how their system functions in their world. Blocking emotional perceptions and expressions creates counter-balanced mental distortions, and emotional dysfunctions that become physical diseases and illness.

Unconsciously triggered and projected trauma memory causes one to ‘relive’ past fears in the present! Fear creates resistance or drag on your Spirit Life-force organ/gland energy’s ability to perceive accurately and express effectively in your Life consistently over time.

Life is best done without resistance, which then allows free spontaneous expression to be effectively delivered/performed in an functional tone of truth with a knowing smile of being clear enough, quick enough to express your truth within the ‘1 second’ ‘moment of power’ you have following every incident that happens in your life!

Resisting clear, quick organ/glans perceptions and expressions comes from feeling unsafe, which creates heat in your Life-force energy circuits causing degeneration, dysfunction, disorder and disease over time!

At this point You realize that only Consciousness for Who You are as 23 Spirit Life-force organ/gland energy systems (which make up 100% of Who You are) allows You to becomes clear enough quick enough to align with your Spirit Life-force energy Ways of regeneration, which determines how you function energetically in your life!

Becoming consciously aware of how your triggered/projected unconscious trauma/fear memories create resistance/drag on your Life-force energy flow to all your powers, over all things – EXCEPT when You are conscious enough to know and align your expressions with the Truth of energetic Reality as defined by the Laws/Ways of organ/gland Spirit Life-force energy!

The Love of Light or Truth dissolves/disempowers the dragon’s 5 powers of confusion, deception, & manipulation by ways of fear and force!


I was close friends with – and worked with – Louise Hay for many years using this BodyTalker science to do her personal work, and this was her testimonial about our work together and a summary of how she saw this science.

The BodyTalker will blow your mind! It is light years ahead of any other form of therapy, and I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to release old patterns.”

Louise L Hay – Founder/Owner Hay House Publishing and author of her most famous first book – “Heal Your Body”.