BodyTalker Science

Integrated Infrared ScienceClarifying ‘The Body Talker’ Science

“The BodyTalker” is the ‘nick-name’ for the Infrared Science that uses your innate organ/gland language, to allow your BODY to TALK to YOU about your life and your triggered unconscious memories dragging on your Spirit Lifeforce!

It reveals behaviors you are either ‘doing’ or ‘not doing’ – which are causing your problems and/or preventing solutions, which regenerate organ/gland health. Triggered memory drag on organ/gland Life-force energy flow over time creates problems in your quality of life and health of your body – IF not changed ASAP!

This infrared science scans/measures/tracks the flow of energy-motion (emotion) through your organ/glands over time – taken from 23 energy junctions or force-vector points on your face. This scan, reveals your stuck energy flow patterns of blocked organ/gland Spirit Life-force energy flow to create health problems!

These patterns of blocked Life-force energy ‘circuits’ of flow; align with specific patterns of physical diseasesemotional dysfunctions, and degenerative behavior patterns – which together reveal the unconscious origins of human diseases, dysfunctions and degenerations – AND how to change them!

Insights from this science are derived from a ‘discovered natural numerical language’ revealing the innate organ/gland ‘degenerative order’ (of importance for survival) shown by the O/G order of degeneration in victims dying of massive radiation, which accelerates aging from ‘years/decades’ into ‘minutes/hours’!

This ‘accelerated aging’ process clearly revealed the exact same ‘degenerative order’ of organs and glands in ALL victims – indicating a natural innate order of importance for survival. This is clearly revealed by the first two organ/gland systems being; feeling safe and loved – which removes your Spirit from living in ‘defensive – in degeneration – from not Feeling Safe and Loved!

There are No Points for Defense! 

Defense is degenerative and only for short-term survival – at the cost of long-term regeneration!  Regeneration can’t happen when one lives in ‘defense’ over long periods of time! Therefore, the drag on energy counterbalance that creates immediate short-term homeostasis… also creates degenerative long-term aging!

Integrating these scientific insights revealing human functioning, into one’s consciousness greatly clarifies your view of Who You are and how You function energetically! You are four energetic levels of functioning that one must integrate into a person who knows how their own personal body/system of O/G Life-force energy works together to create harmony, which regenerates your Life and Body!

These insight from my 30+ years of using this science with thousands of clients are all covered in detail in my book: KNOW THYSELF: Your Body’s Wisdom for Living Consciously