Sacha Stone interview with Dr. Dean Allen on 12/22/2022



“This last interview is fantastic and so specific to how to navigate our own reality right now. Thank you for having Dr. Allen on as the Finale to a fantastic symposium.” Anonymous131433:43

“Dr. Dean Allen, you are an amazing man. I could listen to you for hours and hours. You are soooooooo clear. Sacha, bring him back!” Anonymous134783:40

“Great segment, thanks a lot!” Anonymous132593:43

“Great Dr. Allen” Anonymous129453:43

“Delightful!!!” Anonymous129453:43

“Wonderful segment. Thank you!!” Anonymous134783:43

“Going with the flow, it is All dynamic and ever in motion.” Anonymous114903:43

“Love Dr. Allen would love to learn more.” Anonymous134713:43

“Love this Sacha! Beautiful. Thank You.” Anonymous130463:40

“Congratulations Dean! That was a fantastic interview. You did a really clear impeccable job. Definitely conveyed the root of the work.” Caara

“I just finished listening to this interview. AMAZING. You know I am a changed human being after meeting and working with Dr.Dean over the last 20 years, not to mention our deep friendship. Anyone who is sitting on the fence about doing a session with Dr Dean, should jump on the chance. This is the the fast train to In-light-inment and there is no time to waste. Thank you Kristy and Dean. I love you both.” Vicki Fisk

Edie Cooper Willhite” “Saw it. It was wonderful! I always love it when a guest totally blesses Sacha. That’s what happened today with his/Dean’s exchange! 💕

Kristy Allen: “Edie Cooper Willhite; So glad you saw it! Yes, it was smooth and seamless. I loved these two amazing conscious, beautiful men just communing together! I got to witness it and got to speak to Sacha afterward. Love his brave heart and his passion for this New amazing world we Spirits are going to create out of the wreckage of this planet.”

Kristy Allen: “Now you see why I’ve been buzzing around for several days Knowing this was finally going to hit. We’ve been waiting for the right moment and finally got the ‘go ahead’ and it was the right thing to launch Dean with Sacha Stone, no doubt. We are feeling super blessed, Edie, I can tell you that. Sacha gets Dean. Always has. He asked to do this a long time ago. We were tempted to do it before, but had to wait for NOW. So glad it got done the Way it got Done. Still amazed by the pure Grace of it All.”

Edie Cooper Willhite: “Kristy Allen Lol – you wrote this while I was writing about how blessed it seemed Sacha was. Great hearts beat alike! 💃I’m so happy you got to witness this first hand! And that you’re sharing it with everyone on Facebook… Truly Transformative!”

Edie Cooper Willhite: “Kristy Allen OH!!! YOU’RE the Kristy that Sacha said he loves so much!!! LOL!! Now it’s all making sense!!! You’re married to Dean! One Big Happy Family! Oh, I cannot WAIT for this new world we will create. Blessings to you, my beautiful new friend! 💃❤️