Spirit Ways vs dragon ways with consciousness in the middle…

Regeneration is about choosing your Spirit’s Ways of fulfillmentover your dragon’s ways of survival

The Light Dragon in the Sky -your Spirit – The Dark dragon in the CaveEither your Spirit’s OR your dragon’s Consciousness – controls You/you

Your healing path thru dragon memory goes from your unconscious 3-D CAVE of triggered dragon memory – onto your subconscious 4-D LAKE of reactive emotional challenges – & if met – onto functioning in a conscious 5-D SKY of clear/quick Spirit responses.

You must dance with dragon’s ways, in order to align with your Spirit’s Ways!

To find/follow your Spirit’s Ways You must consciously get ahead of your dragon’s unconscious ability to project (re-act) triggered past trauma memory associations into your present happenings.

Life is a game about expressing your Spirit’s Life-force in a clear, quick and appropriate way where You gain points, without cost of penalty for bad performance. Consciously overriding irrelevant unconsciously triggered drag on memory from past trauma present experiences.

Evolving requires knowing and following your Spirit’s organ/gland Life-forces & consciously processing triggered reactive memory into clear perceptions and expressions!


These two energy forces in the Universe are called Stars and Black-holes. AND that same energetic polarity is a natural human polarity called Spirits & dragons!

Your ‘Spirit You’ (without reactive drag) is designed to perceive energetic Reality clearly and perform accordingly and quickly in order to fulfill your divine intent!

Your ‘dragon you’ is for defensive protection, by continuously projecting past associated memories/images with your present time experiences) – which can be done both consciously and unconsciously. (more on this processing later)

Understanding the true nature of these 2 forces is critical – in order for your Spirit to consciously see and clearly light your path to enlighten your alignment with the Laws/Ways of organ/gland energy, which create the regeneration needed for human consciousness to produce a regenerative sustainable future!

Your 253 Spirit Life-force energy circuits connect your 23 organ/gland energy systems of your mind and body with energy-motion or the issues of suppressed perceptions and expressions! These issues critically relate to the regeneration or degeneration of every person’s total daily health and wellness.

These Two Natural Forces have very different purposesplans and functions in life; and are known by many names, including God and the devil [d‘evil‘- ‘of evil’ – or ‘to live backward’ in defense] – which is why ‘evil’ is ‘live’ spelled backward!

Understanding ‘backward defensive living’ is the secret to understanding the ways of the dragon’s hidden unconscious survival oriented energy.

Spirits live in the Present focused on co-creating toward the Future… dragons live in Past, re-acting past memories and projecting them onto your present!

-Spirit Offense – is for Fulfillment – & dragon Defense – is for Protection

– Spirits Express the Truth – & dragons Suppress the Truth

– Spirit energy Pushes forward – & dragon energy Pulls backward

– Spirits Radiate Love & Light – & dragons Magnetize Fear & Control

– Spirits Love what is worthy – & dragons Fear being ‘seen’ as unworthy

– Spirits are Visibly transparent – & dragons are Invisibly hidden in secrecy

– Spirits Light Ways of regeneration – & dragons’ Darken ways = degeneration

Living ‘backward’ accurately describes hidden defensive, controlled unsafe dragon behaviors, which oppose your Spirit’s open offensive engaging feelings of safe spontaneous interacting through a Living ‘forward’ attitude and posture. 

(Not the bad “offensive” behavior from bad delivery, but IF your performance of your truth is delivered properly, You can be VERY effective!)

Know that the dragon mind set is only programmed to see WHAT’S WRONG! With no apparent interest in what’s right! The dragon is a God given survival mechanism only designed to protect You and your life from ‘what’s wrong’ – SO the dragon is designed to eliminate threats by either fighting it physically with sympathetic nervous system control, or flighting from the threat to get away.

It depends on how much consciousness your Spirit has over your dragon consciousness in that triggered ‘moment of power’ when the dragon wants to continue re-acting to the triggered memory that will not create any real solutions!

Usually, for your Spirit to control/heal your life/body decisions and behavior – You need to feel safe and loved long enough to regenerate, otherwise if you feel unsafe and unloved – you may stay in defense in an attempt to feel as safe as possible – until You do feel safe and loved enough to become more aligned with your divine intent!

What I always tell clients, is; “You are only responsible for your truth” – so live so You feel FREE to express ‘your truth’ to those who love You (in a Way that can be received by Spirits) – and then; if ‘your truth’ doesn’t turn out to be ‘the truth’ – “somebody will tell you about it”.  And then, you have to decide ‘what is really true for You?’ Doing this allows You to learn new and worthy insights.

How You show-up: (clear, quick and on point with a sense of humor; OR, confused, snarly and off point with a disconnected attitude) IS the issue – Not IF You ‘show-up’!  Because You must ‘show-up’ to be seen, and be conscious enough to find/follow your Spirit’s divine intent!

Living forward is doing what regenerates You and creates the future your Spirit desires. But You must also avoid what degenerates your Life-force (as much as possible) in your thinking, speaking, and acting – in order to create the fulfilling regenerative future your Spirit desires!

Your dragon force is to survive threats to your Life – Your Spirit Life-Force is to fulfill your Spirit’s divine intent!

It is true You must survive before you can fulfill – but it’s also true – ‘threats’ to your life are based on perceptions – which can be real or imagined! But your nervous system doesn’t know the difference between triggered unconscious past associations (being projected into your perception), or what’s real in the present.

Remember the dragon’s greatest power is ‘deception’ from the Truth! It can do this by gaslighting associated past trauma memory (into relives) projected as a ‘backward’ past spin into the present that usually are degenerative very quickly!

Getting off the path of Truth is the dragon’s favorite game! 

Staying on the path of Truth is your Spirit’s favorite game!

What happens in your ‘moments of power” tells who’s running your life! And You will know them by their deeds! Are the the dragon deeds of “confusion, deception, and manipulation with fear and force” what you see?

The game of Life (or any game) cannot be won without knowing and following the rules for how points are won and penalties are avoided

You must see clearly the Ways of your Spirit’s organ/gland Life-force and what is needed to regenerate You by aligning your actions with your Spirit’s regenerative Ways.

God designed your system to enhance your Life and body – when You clearly understand and follow your organ/gland regenerative Ways in your behaviors.

When You know how You function to create regeneration and degeneration – then you can program regenerative behaviors into your daily life, and learn to avoid what degenerates your Life-force more clearly by consciously seeing further ahead more quickly on your daily path of life.

Conditioning your behavior to align with the Ways of your 23 organ/gland’s Life-forces that regenerates You; while avoiding the ‘energy drains’ of degenerative drag on your Life-force, gives You a map of your energetic system of pathways, which when flowing spontaneously (from perceptions to expressions) in elegant performances in Life – will regenerate your Life, Body, and Business.

You always create whatever You/you Focus On!

There are 2 YOU’S – Your ‘Spirit You’ – and your ‘dragon you‘ which we call the ‘NOT YOU’ of projected past memory of triggered/associations with your present.

Consciousness for what is real and relevant within one second of any happening, and being able to perform this awareness with a delivery that accomplishes your Spirits desires – this is always what wins the most points for your Spirit in the end!