Consciousness & Future

Your CONSCIOUSNESS creates your Future! Your Un-Consciousness re-creates your Past!

Discovering the Many Enlightened Ways of Consciousness

Becoming Conscious [of Who You are as Spirit Life-force energy, and how You function energetically as 23 systems of physical functions, emotional feelings, and mental memory programming] allows your Spirit’s Life-force energy to guide You to consciously align your behavior with regenerative organ/gland’ Ways of healthy living that fulfills your Spirit!


Consciousness is the only elegant solution to human problems – because only Conscious Regenerative Solutions solve Unconscious Degenerative Problems! (‘Present Times’ provide MANY vivid degenerative examples of such problems!)

Consciously knowing, is NOT doing what needs to be done! Only Performance is awarded! But, knowing your body’s 23 Life-force energy systems your Life is totally dependent on, is the first step to LIVING consciously ahead of your triggered unconscious degenerative ways that cost points in your game of life!

Consciousness gains points for You by knowing how to play your game of life in regenerative Ways that do more of what works, and less of what does not work.

My name is Dr. Dean G Allen, I hold a PhD in clinical psychology and have focused on human consciousness since 1977, when I did my internship at Boise State University, which required me to teach a BSU course on my field of study: The Psychology of Consciousness.  From 1976-1979 I also did my dissertation research using biofeedback, which showed how individual subjects differ in their conscious ability to perceive and control their Autonomic Nervous System!

Since 1987, I have focused on clarifying our ‘mind-body-Spirit Life-force energy’ connection with health and wellness – using an advanced infrared science to track/decode thousands of client’s Spirit Life-force organ/gland energy flow.

Your patterns of ‘Life-force energy flow’ show e-motional blocks of why, where, and how your degenerative Life-force energy issues drag on your health.

This science connects the dots for how each of your 23 Spirit Life-force organ/glandphysicalemotional, and mental energies are designed to harmonize/regenerate by following the Ways of your Spirit Life-force energy – which regenerates and rejuvenates your Life-force, your body, and your health!

OR you can just deal with your Life defensively – “Backward Walking” one day at a time using your dragon’s survival options to deal with disharmony in your life by NOT dealing with it – just to survive? (Be sure a survival path is really NEEDED because it can mean giving up on your Spirit’s desires and feeling more depressed).

The dragon’s ways of running your life, are ALL about ‘drag on your Life-force’ – to avoid doing what fulfills your Spirit’s divine-intent and desires. To change this – one must know/disconnect from ALL degenerative dragon engagements ASAP!

Disconnecting from degenerative engagements first requires one to be conscious of how the human system is designed to operates energetically!

Past trauma memory is unconsciously triggered by Present associated experiences. Theses associated trauma memories are unconsciously triggered and projected into a person’s present life experiences – and experienced AS IF their past trauma memory IS REAL in their present life!!! (which is never an accurate view of the present energetic Reality)

Consciously getting ahead of ‘reliving’ very disturbing projected past memory experiences that feel extremely real in the present (as if) they were happening now – is a major challenge. But, one must understand that 2/3 of our brain cells are ‘associated-memory’ cells – which is the primary way humans learn.

BUT triggered confused associated past memory experiences in the present are usually a triggered emotional relive of unresolved past trauma memory, which almost NEVER is an accurate representation of present reality – and everybody who observes this, knows this, because it makes no sense to anyone except them.

YET they remain absolutely convinced of the truth of their perception!!!

Only consciousness within your ‘moments of power’ (one-second from the trigger) allows your Spirit to ‘take a deep breath” and consciously interrupt your unconscious reactive RE-LIVES of past trauma memory in your present life!

And, if you don’t disconnect from them – but rather participate in the projected trauma AS IF it was real in the present – you will reinforce, enable and maintain this distorted view of present reality and ‘degenerative engagements’!

Your Spirit must consciously disconnect from this in order to follow your Spirit’s Ways, which are needed to regenerate your Life-force! – See the problem!

A counterbalanced ‘drag on what needs to be done’ to fulfill your Spirit – can get you through the day – but achieving homeostasis by counterbalancing ‘drag with more drag’ over time degenerates your Spirit Life-forcecreating stuck patterns of drag on your Life-force energy, which creates dysfunction and disease in your life and body!

Observing 1000’s of clients’ energy patterns over 30+ years revealed critical insights needed for human consciousness to understand, see and create the real regenerative solutions people need to clarify/solve their life and body problems!

Solving human problems – FIRST requires immense clarifications of the concepts used to ‘think’ about (conceptualize in our mind) how we function energetically (simultaneously) on 4 levels of energy density (physical, emotional, mental & Spirit Life-force).

Clarification is needed for insight into your conscious actions and unconscious re-actions, which direct your life… to create either regeneration or degeneration of your Spirit’s Life-force energy – which runs you life!


The energetic person/system you call your Self/self is actuality your daily ‘conscious and unconscious’ processes of expressing/suppressing your ‘Spirit Life-force organ/gland energy circuits providing the power needed to run your life!

How your circuits of power express and suppress your emotional experiences – manifests as Life-force ‘energy patterns’ of drag on flow of 253 Spirit Life-force energy circuits of expression and regeneration – OR drag on your Life-force energy – manifesting as patterns of ‘blocked energy’ that create degeneration.

We now face a new era of health care requiring us to focus more clearly on the emotional (energy-motion) aspects of health about subtle emotional ways we behave that create regeneration or degeneration in specific organs/glands – the same subtle energy causes/solutions of which most people are unconscious!

Spirit Life-force energy flows through your 23 organ/gland energy systems… connecting your mind to your body, by way of your 253 Spirit Life-force O/G energy circuits of power, empowering You and your total daily wellness or illness.

And, from my 30+ years of one-on-one interactions – my observations are that most people are completely unconscious of Who they are and how they are designed to function energetically to regenerate their life!

This new science has been personally and professionally experienced by some of the most credible new age professionals who are notable icons of progressive health care: Louise L. Hay, C. Norman Shealy, MD, and Rudolph Ballantine, MD..

Here is what they had to say about this New Advanced Integrated Science….

The BodyTalker (science) will blow your mind!  It is light years ahead of any other form of therapy, and I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to release old patterns.”
Louise L Hay – Founder/Owner Hay House Publishing


“This system of technology is a revolutionary perception of who we are and how we function as an integrated body of emotions, mind and Spirit Life-Force energy flow.  Alternative practitioners have long been looking for scientific methods to measure and validate their claims of changes in the subtle energies of disease, disorder & dysfunction in their clients. I urge my colleagues to examine this system.”

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD– Founder of American Holistic Medical Association


 “Perhaps the most sophisticated and highly evolved system I’ve seen. I was impressed by the profound insights [Dr Allen revealed to me from this science] into the relationship between my bodily functions and the psychological and emotional issues that emerged.”

Rudolph Ballantine, MD, from his book ‘Radical Healing’ (Harmony Books)


Dr. Allen’s Clients’ Stories – about their personal experiences using this Consciousness Science


This work has revealed to me the Root Causes of my life’s struggle… it was Truly Life Changing!

“My sessions with Dr. Allen have been truly life changing. This work has revealed to me the root causes of all the ways in which my life has been a struggle from being out of balance on all levels from the physical to the spiritual.”


“Dr. Allen’s work… clearly shows me all the pieces of my own Personal Life Puzzle”

“In Dr. Allen’s work, I have found a healing modality that clearly shows me all of the pieces of my own personal life puzzle in all of it’s intricacy. I am now better able than ever before to make conscious decisions about my future based on what I have learned about myself through my BodyTalker scan.”


“I came to See how… my core wounds/beliefs created every problem I experienced in my Life.”

“In my sessions, we traced back through traumatic events I experienced and the decisions (resulting from them) that I (unconsciously) made about my life, my self, and life in general. I came to see how these core wounds and beliefs created every “problem” I have experienced in my life.”


The wonderful thing about this work is becoming aware of how my health relates to my history!

“The wonderful thing about bringing all of this to consciousness through a BodyTalker session, is that I now have the opportunity to acknowledge my experiences, become aware of resulting unconscious beliefs, see the connections to my history and state of health, and integrate all of this into a new state of consciousness far more expansive and freeing.”


“I Now See that every experience is designed to bring me a greater capacity to be Divine Love”

“Ultimately, I now see that every experience is designed to bring me a greater capacity to be Divine Love; …that is what it means to me to be healed, healthy, whole.”


This work gave me the key’ to seeing “Who am I and What am I doing here.”

“Through my work with Dr. Allen I have seen the gift of my experiences, even the painful ones. A huge benefit of this work is that it reveals what our life stories are really all about, and that even our Dragons teach us, and that we receive the full gift of our truth once we are able to face them with courage and integrity. This work is very life affirming and offers a key to the door into “who am I and what am I doing here.”


I was astounded by Dr. Allen’s Ability to use this invaluable tool (science) as a key contributing factor for making major changes in my life.

“I have worked with Dr. Allen for 3½ years. In our first session of work together, I was astounded by Dr. Allen’s ability (using the BodyTalker system) to so closely identify my major issues and life patterns. In my continued work with Dr. Allen, I have realized progressive, evolving, and insightful unfoldment of myself in the realization of “who I am and how I function.” I have been involved with various holistic health, self-help, psychological, metaphysical, and spiritual studies for over 25 years. I feel that Dr. Allen’s work with the BodyTalker system has been an invaluable tool and a key contributing factor in making major changes in my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Mr. S’s work, carried forth by Dr. Allen, is a brilliant, cutting-edge, scientific validation for recognition and alignment with the truths of the new millennium.”


Dr. Allen’s book: “KNOW THSELF: Your Body’s Wisdom for Living Consciously – covers all 23 organ and glands with their Spirit/dragon physical functions, emotional feelings, and mental planning for how they express or ‘drag on’ (suppress) each system’s Life-force and function at all levels.

You can order Know ThySelf: Your Body’s Wisdom for Living Consciously here: