Know ThySelf: Your Body’s Wisdom…

‘KNOW THYSELF’ by Dean G Allen, PhD

Who You Are and How You function as an Organ/Gland Energy System

Knowing Your Body’s Wisdom for Living Consciously allows You to discover Who You Are & How You Function to Integrate Organ/Gland Energy Systems for how to play your Consciousness Game aligned with Laws/Ways of energy.

So, your 23 organ/gland systems, each have a unique purposeplan, and function for long-term regeneration & refinement of your entire system of important functions needed for You to live in a regenerative Way.

Each of your 23 organ/gland energy systems also functions on 4 levels of energy density and function ( physical functions, emotional feelings, mental processing, and Spirit Life-force regeneration or degeneration).

Infrared science reveals how we unconsciously program our physical disease, emotional dysfunction, and degenerative processing into our lives and our bodies. Knowing this truth about yourself is the first step to deep healing.

Meanwhile our present reacts to unconsciously triggered past trauma memory (of emotional dysfunction) which we unconsciously project onto our present perceptions and then on to physical diseases if those issues persist.

From this book, you can learn to see and be Who You are energetically as 23 Spirit Life-force organ/gland energy system and functions.


KNOW THYSELF is “Dedicated to the Truth Seekers who seek their true Self!”

Preface: “How Infrared Science Tracks & Decodes (Spirit Life-force) Electrical Flow”. “Know Thyself’ summarizes twenty-five years of my scientific insights and discoveries gleaned from observing and tracking thousands of client’s energy flow patterns to decode their unconscious (triggered reactive trauma memory) decisions that are programming their Life-force energy into dysfunctions in their body’s health, their business functions and relationship problems.”

“This book is called ‘Know Thyself’ because it explains how your body’s different energetic levels of density function together as an integrated whole. It provides a whole new level of clarity for how organ/gland energies perform our personal, integrated functioning. The new/old Language of the Body upgrades our consciousness about our Self – from old, limiting ideas to new, more complete energetic realities – that can allow us to process our life more clearly and quickly.”

“I have learned that ‘REALITY’ is not what most people think it to be!”

CHAPTER HEADINGS: 1- “Clarifying the solutions to human problems”, 2 – “Enlightening Your Pathways to Conscious Power”, 3 – “Science that Scans, Measures, and Tracks Drag on (Life-force) energy flow”, 4 – “Acknowledging Current “Health Care” Limitations”, 5 – “Evolving from Past Fears to Present Loves”, 6 – “Knowing your 23 Spirit Life-force Energy Systems”, 7 – “Case Study of Leyla – One of Dr. Allen’s Clients”


1- Your THYMUS Spirit function is designed to be your PROTECTOR

2- Your HEART Spirit function is designed to be your LOVER of Spirits

3- Your COLON Spirit function is designed to be your ELIMINATOR

4- Your STOMACH Spirit function is designed to be your NURTURER

5- Your ANT-PITUITARY Spirit function is your MASTER CONTROLLER

6- Your LIVER Spirit function is designed to be your TRANSMUTER

7- Your LUNGS Spirit function is designed to be your REFRESHER

8- Your SEX-ORGANS Spirit function is designed to be your CONNECTOR

9- Your BONES/MUSCELS Spirit function is designed to be your RESPONDER

10- Your THYROID Spirit function is designed to be your CORRECTOR

11- Your VIENS/ARTERIES Spirit function is designed to be your CIRCULATOR

12- Your BRAIN/Nervous System Spirit Life-force functions as your SIMPLIFIER

13- Your ADRENALS Spirit function is designed to be your EMPOWERER

14- Your MIND Spirit function is designed to be your programming ANALYZER

15- Your HYPOTHALAMUS Spirit function is designed to be your ATTENDER

16- Your KIDNEYS/BLADDER Spirit function is designed to be your PURIFIER

17/18- Your ENDOCRINE System Spirit function is your BALANCER

19- Your SKIN Spirit function is designed to define the borders of your IDENTITY

20- Your PANCREAS Spirit function is designed to EXPRESS your true feelings

21- Your POSTERIOR PITUITARY Spirit Life-force functions as your RECTIFIER

22- Your PARATHYROID Spirit function is designed to be your DISCERNER

23- Your SPLEEN Spirit function is designed to be your REJECTER

24- Your LYMPH Spirit function is designed to be your WIZARD

Each of the organ/gland energy system’s emotional and mental function are nothing more than a subtle-energy view of that system’s physical function – for example your Kidneys are a filter on the physical level; and that system’s subtle-energy emotional filter is for You to filter/identify what in your life is worthy of Fear – and what is not worthy of Fear.