Dean G. Allen, PhD – Resume of experiences

Overview of experiences I’ve had and what they have revealed to me.

My original interest for getting my PhD in Clinical Psychology was to scientifically connect mind and body functions. This led to my 1982 dissertation research entitled: “Autonomic Nervous System Control as a Function of Imagery” using biofeedback measurements (inspired by Dr. Elmer Green’s biofeedback research).

This opened my eyes to the essence of Integrated Health and later to an infrared science that tracks your Spirit Life-force organ/gland energy-motion flow!

And then it decodes your flow of ‘Life-force energy’ into your unique individual emotional patterns of drag (using the body’s own natural God given innate organ/gland language) into mental and emotional dysfunctions of specific organ/gland energy systems on their way to physical disease and degeneration.

These infrared measurements of drag (resistance) on your 253 Spirit Life-force organ/gland energy circuits connecting them – show ‘patterns of ’emotional drag‘ decoding unconscious energy-motion problems into conscious solutions!

This work has changed my life and my perception of human functioning on the more subtle energy-motion level of emotional human functioning. Enjoy the trip!

PS: See my Personal Clients’ Stories at the bottom of page below – …to hear their experiences of doing this work of scientifically revealing the wisdom God gave their body to dissolve unconscious degenerative programming by knowing what organ/gland energy system seeks regenerative balance and how it is accomplished.

Below is the path that got me to where I am today.

Dean G Allen, PhD

Formal Education:

PhD in Clinical Psychology Utah State University:  Logan, UT (September 1974 to June 1982)

MA – Masters in School Psychology Idaho State University: Pocatello, ID (September 1970 to June 1972)

BA – Bachelor in Sociology/Psychology Idaho State University: Pocatello, ID (September 1963 to June 1967)

Professional Experiences:

Clinical Services Director for SE Idaho Regional Child Development Center Pocatello, ID (September 1972 to September 1974) I directed two psychologists, a speech therapist, and three special education teachers to work with special needs for the mentally retarded and emotionally disturbed children in an educational and sheltered workshop setting.  I hired and supervised my staff in this new agency – which rapidly grew to hundreds of staff members (regionally) by the time I left in 1974 to begin my PhD.

School Psychologist for several rural Regional School Districts – Pocatello, ID (September 1972 to June 1974) I worked as a School Psychologist for several southeastern Idaho school districts, which contracted with our Regional Child Development Center in Pocatello (where I worked) for these services.

University Teaching Experience

I taught “The Psychology of Consciousness” at Boise State University while doing my doctoral dissertation research and working as a Student Counselor on the Boise State University Counseling Center Staff.  I taught this popular ‘consciousness course’ for 3 years (1979-1981), focusing on how consciousness is the only elegant solution to human problems, because only ‘conscious solutions’ are innately regenerative and sustainable for really solving human problems!

Shealy Pain Clinic – I worked with Dr. C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

I worked at the Shealy Pain Clinic (1982-1984) with Dr Shealy and individual clients assisting patients with the pain clinic processes for one year, and then worked the next year with another Pain Clinic in Ohio, for a colleague of Dr. Shealy’s who was starting a new Pain Clinic modeled after the Shealy Pain Clinic.

Times Publishing Company – St. Petersburg Times Newspaper

I then moved to Florida and was contracted by the ‘Times Publishing Company’ in 1984 to teach Wellness to a majority of their 2,000 staff in Clearwater, Florida over 3 years. I taught continuous 4 week brown-bag Wellness Training Sessions,  which included a personal biofeedback session for each staff member who completed this training.

Self-Employed Private Practice – Wellness/Consciousness Consultant for individual clients and groups, since 1987.

In 1987 I became aware of an infrared science that tracks and decodes Life-force energy flow or energy-motion, which we call “emotions” – the feeling aspect of human functioning!  Meaning: each organ and gland is a specific vibrational energy/feeling of specific perceptions and expressions; communicated via one’s consciousness of specific feelings, and their responses/reactions to them.

My very first client using this new science was Louise Hay (Hay House Publishing) who just happened to be in Florida checking out new sciences and doing a 2-week intensive with her people. After working with her during that time, she invited me to move to LA to continue her work, and work with Hay House Staff, so I moved to Santa Monica in 1988 and continued my work using this science.

This work is explained in my groundbreaking book entitled: “KNOW THYSELF: Your Body’s Wisdom for Living Consciously”, which objectively connects the dots of Integrative Health for how Spirit Life-force energy is programmed by mental/emotional trauma memory – into physical health, or degeneration.

My Publications:

KNOW THYSELF: Your Body’s Wisdom for Living Consciously This book summarizes my many years of clinical research using this infrared science on 1000’s of clients to clarify details about who they are and how they function as an integrated organ/gland Life-force energy-motion system.

Essential insights are revealed that raise your consciousness about Who you are energetically and how You are designed to function in alignment with your Spirit Life-force energy by clear perceptions and quick responses to each organ/gland feelings so all stays in balance.

(Published Oct. 2013)


ORGANIC WISDOM: 123 Insights/Rules/Laws/Ways Defining How Life Works Proven clinical INSIGHTS from walking many consciousness pathways with 1000’s of clients who sought to find and follow their natural Life-force energy Rules/Laws/Ways that allows them to evolve their consciousness and empower their LIFE.

(Published in 2011)–123-Insights-Rules-Laws-Ways-that-Define-How-Life-Works